Rebel Spring: Falling Kingdoms Review

Rebel Spring: Falling Kingdoms (Book 2)

by Morgan Rhodes

“Auranos has fallen. The three kingdoms are united. But in Mytica not everyone is on the same side – and for the victor a dark magic beckons.

Cleo is a prisoner, forced to watch the evil King Gaius lie to her people.

Lucia is haunted by the deadly magic her father cast to capture the kingdoms.

Jonas and his rebel army are ready to fight.

King Gaius is building a road through the Forbidden Mountains, tunnelling towards the Watcher’s Sanctuary. Little does he know that what happens next will change the face of the land forever. It is what the rebels have been waiting for.”

After reading Falling Kingdoms, I knew I had to read the rest of the series. I feel that you do need to read in order and you cannot jump in part way through.

A couple of weeks after the events of Falling Kingdoms, King Gaius rules Mytica and forces Paelsians to work on his new road, Jonas is building his rebel army against Gaius, while Cleo is forced into marriage with Magnus.

I enjoyed this book, although I do think it dropped of a bit compared to Falling Kingdoms. I was definitely on a rollercoaster with the twists and the emotions I went through.

My favourite characters are still Cleo, Jonas, Mira and Nic. I love seeing the relationships building and how they change with events. There are several characters that are growing on me, but we shall see what happens next.

My favourite parts have to be following Cleo, Jonas and Lysandra. I really enjoyed seeing the different storylines that are going on and how events have different effects on people, or how people see them, which happens in real-life as well.

Rebel Spring ends on a cliffhanger, that is because the series continues in Gathering Darkness.

While reading this book, I described it as the fallout of a war. I would recommend it to anyone. 3 out of 5.

Rebel Spring



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