The Company of Eight Review

The Company of Eight

by Harriet Whitehorn

“When Ravellous’s Circus Ship comes to Minaris, Cass is determined to audition despite her guardian Mrs Potts’s disapproval. But when her chance is snatched away from her, Cass refuses to give up. She sets out to follow the Circus Ship and the journey leads her into dangers that challenge even her adventurous spirit. Will she succeed in following her dream, or is her destiny something altogether different?”

I received an ARC of The Company of Eight from Netgalley for an honest review. I loved the sound of this book, which is why I requested it.

Cass has always wanted to be on the Circus Ship, but when the day of the audition comes her guardian has other plans and Cass misses the boat. However, she has money from her parents and decides to travel to the Island of Women. Fate may have other plans though.

Wow, what a whirlwind of circus, pirates, royalty and sword-swinging women. I absolutely adored this story from start to finish, I wish this was out when I was younger, it is exactly the kind of book young girls need to be reading.

My favourite characters are Cass, Rip, Elsba and Lion. Cass is a headstrong teenager who knows what she wants and will nothing stand in her way. Rip is so cute, caring and sensitive, I wish I could have had a crush on him earlier, but he is definitely book boyfriend material. Elsba is a little odd to start out with but my does she have a story to tell, I’m hoping that we get to see more of her story at some point. Lion is just adorable, even with what he has been through he will not let anything get him down.

I do not think I can pick one favourite part, because it was all fantastic. I loved the parts on ships, hot springs, ports and islands. I loved the circus, training and fight scenes. I went through I a lot of emotion, definitely had my heart in my mouth a couple of times, and there were several parts where I giggled. I also fell in love with the world and characters.

The Company of Eight does end on a kind of cliffhanger, so I am hoping that a sequel is heading our way because I would love to know what happens next.

While reading this book, I described it as the middle grade that I never knew I needed. I would recommend this book to anyone. 5 out of 5.

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